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Together we are strong! The higher the engagement across the country, the higher the required content and growth curriculum completion numbers soar. With this growth also comes a stronger culture and consistency across the brand through rapid growth in the company.  Following are a few examples of different types of engagement projects with corresponding videos that I created. 



This is a project I took great pride in. We wanted to encourage our teams across the country to think more ethically about their choices with environmental efficacy. We made a module with a request for a commitment to make one change to benefit the environment. All participants were added into this drawing. We had a very large response and hopefully were able to make a positive movement with our 5000+ employees.

This was a trivia that I made for our Home Office Super Bowl party. It took about an hour to edit and an hour to pull the trivia data.

This was a just for fun project.  Every Super Bowl, we broke our Home Office into teams to create Super Bowl commercials.  Here is one that I edited.

This was a simple but very fun way to get our team members engaged. We discovered early on that everyone loves their pets and showing off pictures of their pets. We did a drawing for everyone who shared a photo of their dogs. This was very popular.

This was a team member appreciation video for the behind the scenes efforts of our team members creating a memorable and special event honoring a community partner that teaches drama to the the disabled community. I did not film this as I was part of the planning. I asked a team member to help film.  It is very candid but meaningful nonetheless.

During slow seasons we used "Throwback Thursday's" to encourage participation and community involvement from our employees. They shared a past picture and were added to the drawing.

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